Down Syndrome Awareness

I find it utterly shocking, the horrible little statistic I read this week, that told me of the women who find they are carrying a baby with a little extra something in the form of an extra chromosome, 95% have a termination.


I find that so sad.  I find it so sad because it speaks to me of fear.  Of the fear we feel of the unknown, the fear we feel of difference, or disability.  Fear of a label we don’t understand.

So, here is part of my little part to show you that there is nothing much to be scared of (other than the normal paralysing fear that all parents feel when they realise that the baby they bring home from the hospital is their responsibility, and theirs alone).

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11 thoughts on “Down Syndrome Awareness

  1. Such a powerful post in it’s simple message Nancy. Those beautiful photos will help someone somewhere I am sure. Thank you for linking up for WDSD204. Hayley x

    1. I think that I am pro-choice.
      There are no easy answers, but I am afraid that influential people making statements like the one from Richard Dawkins today, I think, does nothing to celebrate the richness of human existence, and everything to persuade us of the fallacy of thinking we have a great deal of control over how our lives turn out. 😦

      1. I’m not a fan of Dawkins anyway. He doesn’t treat human belief systems with much respect or sensitivity for a start.

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