Gender Gap

Minister for Importance: Ah, good morning, Suzanne.  What are we going to do about this gender gap?  Oooh, tea, thanks.  I’m gasping.

Suzanne (trusty assistant):  which gender gap did you mean, minister?

Minister for Importance: Look at this!  We are lagging behind in the global race!  Our girls aren’t doing well enough in Maths and Science.

Suzanne: If you have a look at…

Minister for Importance:  And the boys!  Look at them!  They aren’t reading enough.  Spending too much time playing Minecraft the moment they get home rather than doing their homework. (tuts)

Suzanne:  Yes, I…

Minister for Importance:  They ought to be getting on with it, like the girls are.

Suzanne:  Perhaps…

Minister for Importance:  Mind you, it says here that the boys catch up eventually.  They probably did before their 20s, but we can’t tell because of the way the teachers mark the tests.  They make the girls look better than they are, you know.

Suzanne:  Oh, I’m sure…

Minister for Importance:  We really need to put a stop to this preferential treatment.  We must get the parents on board.  Get the boys doing their homework and the girls into Science.  The future of the nation depends on it.

Suzanne:  Which…

Minister for Importance:  Hmm, well, when I say parents, I mean the mothers, really, don’t I?  We must get them on side.  Supporting their children.  It’s good parenting, after all.  Without it, those kids aren’t going to do as well as they could, are they?

Suzanne:  What about…?

Minister for Importance:  Working mothers?  Yes, tricky.  They’re just not there for their kids in the same way, are they?  They can never come to the meetings or assemblies, they’re not there to supervise the homework, relying on screens to keep the kids quiet.  It’s letting us all down, frankly.  Just look at these results.  If you’re not there to support your kids, who knows what potential is being missed?

Suzanne:  Mind you…

Minister for Importance:  Yes, yes, I know what you’re going to say.  All those stay at home mums, doing nothing but getting their hair done all day.  My wife couldn’t be more different.  With all the volunteering she does in the children’s school she’s practically a member of staff!  She’s hardly lounging around all day collecting benefits. What sort of example would that be to set the children, especially their daughters?  They will be the adults of tomorrow, you know.  Some of them could be the scientists and innovators we need to revitalise the economy.  Just think what they are throwing away.


3 thoughts on “Gender Gap

  1. This is fab! I think I’m just looking towards a world where there is a real choice for boys and girls to follow their joy, without having had its appropriateness or not, drip fed into their consciousness from the time they were born. @skybluepink

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