My #summer 10

Ok, so Jill’s done one, Sue’s done one, Rachel’s done one, and any other number of people too and as I was too lazy (and immensely touched by all the people who nominated me – thank you) to do the #twitteratichallenge here’s my plan(ish) for the summer.

1. Boats, boats, boats and more boats. In particular sailing dinghies. Bring it on (and lots of sunshine please, it’s all better in the sunshine).

2. Reading. I have a stack of novels to read. And some books for my course, but I’m not thinking about that right now.

3. Spend time with my children – if at all possible, some time just me and one of them. 

4. Attend a funeral for a very elderly relative.

5. Clean my house. Ugh. I might fail at this.

6. Garden.

7. Write a column. *skips about*

8. Write a book. *gulps*

9. Sleep.

10. Keep calm.

And somewhere in that I need to catch up with my friends, my wider family, who I haven’t seen for far too long.


13 thoughts on “My #summer 10

      1. Commission. Signed a contract and everything. Got to have it finished by end of October. Will have to pause the blog (or reduce) for a while while I get it done.

      2. That’s fabulous darling :)) well done, love, well done!! Don’t forget to ask for some complimentary copies that you can give away as signed copies at teachmeets :)) xxx

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