Vacancy: Apply Within

Wanted: one maths teacher

Must be able to teach the KS3, 4 and 5 maths curriculum.

Essential – good communication skills, high expectations, strong behaviour management.

Desirable – maths degree – but if you haven’t got one and you’re a bit rusty, don’t worry, we will plan all your lessons for you, so that all you need to concentrate on is delivery (because it’s all about the delivery, when you think about it), and you can get on with the job straight away.*

*If we like you enough, and think that you have a really great way with kids, but haven’t got any of the qualifications, consider looking at our Teacher Apprentice Scheme and earn while you learn.

For all enquiries, please contact the Head Teacher, Anytown Community School, Anytown.

PS Apologies if you were expecting a post about Sam – I just have this hunch that all the rhetoric we hear coming from the DfE is, perhaps, because we can’t seem to attract the people we really need into the profession. Like I say, just a hunch.

9 thoughts on “Vacancy: Apply Within

    1. I am putting pieces of a jigsaw together and it is aimed firmly at the DfE. The state of recruitment and retention of teachers – and secondary teachers is, frankly, shocking, when you think about it.
      Going back to the pre-Victorian prefect system is no solution and will, in my view, damage the educational chances of our young people.
      The way to get maths teachers is not to accept any old person and give them a lesson script – and I know this happens in lots of places – it is to pay good people well, and treat them well. Let’s stop pussyfooting around.
      Stop the bullying of our profession – on a large and small scale. Make teaching an attractive proposition again – in reality as well as in glossy adverts. Papering over the cracks just won’t work.

  1. I get your point and have the same concern. In my state here in the U.S., education has been so heavily defended and devaluated that teachers are leaving in droves. Our “no taxes on my rich friends,” public-school-hating governor’s solution was to allow certain school districts to allow anyone to teach, without an education degree. He and his cronies clearly showed their contempt for teachers with that move – the obvious implication is that teaching requires no skills or specialized knowledge.

    1. Well, yes. This is the only conclusion we can come to really, isn’t it? And yet at the same time we are put under constant pressure to ‘raise standards’ and ‘close the gap’. The hypocrisy is breathtaking when you think about it.
      Do you think that your state situation is across the country?

  2. Having been in the teacher recruitment business ( actually the professional education and development of new people joining our noble profession) , I have much sympathy with Nancy’s blog. Here we are highlighting the desperate space we are entering, or in some case have entered. And which children suffer first? My own daughter (SEN) had 10 maths teachers during her 5 years at Secondary School, bottom set of course! Just had a meeting at her college, made me smile when I was told how she helps everyone in her group with Maths, ” because she gets number”! OMG I think, had but she had the same Maths teacher for a year or two, that F grade might have been a C. In itself a C is just a letter, but for a young person who said in results day, ” I’ve failed everything” it means a great deal more. So Nancy, I am with you 100%.

    1. Oh Kerry! You have put your finger on it exactly. Our children get these unprepared teachers. Or cover supervisors. Or TAs. It’s not good enough.

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