A message from Heidi

As you know, one if the things that is important to me is to listen to and amplify the voices of the unheard.  So, with that in mind, I am proud to host this blog from Heidi, who has Down’s syndrome and doesn’t have her own blog (yet!).

Hi I am Heidi and I am 21 and I have down’s syndrome which is an extra chromosome and I find that some people are very negative towards people with Down’s syndrome because they don’t understand it and think that we are not equal. 
The things people are saying are making me cry because people don’t value us like they should.
Some people are saying that people with down’s syndrome can’t have relationships but they can have friendships and relationships just like anyone else. I have lots of friends who care for me in everything. I have a better social life than my mum and am always going out with my friends.
Another misconception is that they can’t have a job.

Well that’s rubbish I have a job which I love, I work in a kids hair salon in Leamington and I am loving it! Lots of people with Down’s syndrome have jobs.
People say mean things but I do not lose heart, I also believe that all life is precious and that everyone is fearfully and wonderfully made no matter who they are and no matter what disability. 
Some people are saying that people with down’s syndrome will never be able to live independently, this one especially makes me cry because I live on my own. I have been living on my own for 9 months now and I am loving it and would never go back to my parents home in a million years (well, apart from for my Sunday roasts!).
Another thing people are saying is that people with down’s syndrome can’t learn I went to 2 mainstream schools and gained GCSES in English, french and religious studies, Asdan maths and BTECS in home cooking skills and applied science. Then I did courses in hairdressing and customer service.
Even some nurses are saying negative things about people with down’s syndrome to the mums in the ward they say they will never walk , they will never talk . Most children with DS will learn to walk and talk, they might just take a little longer.  
I started walking at 2 and a half and If you know me you know that I never stop talking till I am asleep, it’s the only time my support staff get any peace and quiet!
I think people should value everyone, we should value people for who they are not for what they achieve.
I don’t know why people are saying these horrible things but together let’s keep spreading the preciousness of life and together let’s change people’s hearts and thoughts and fight for Justice for everyone.
Thanks for listening 

Shared with permission. 

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