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Vacancy: Apply Within

Wanted: one maths teacher

Must be able to teach the KS3, 4 and 5 maths curriculum.

Essential – good communication skills, high expectations, strong behaviour management.

Desirable – maths degree – but if you haven’t got one and you’re a bit rusty, don’t worry, we will plan all your lessons for you, so that all you need to concentrate on is delivery (because it’s all about the delivery, when you think about it), and you can get on with the job straight away.*

*If we like you enough, and think that you have a really great way with kids, but haven’t got any of the qualifications, consider looking at our Teacher Apprentice Scheme and earn while you learn.

For all enquiries, please contact the Head Teacher, Anytown Community School, Anytown.

PS Apologies if you were expecting a post about Sam – I just have this hunch that all the rhetoric we hear coming from the DfE is, perhaps, because we can’t seem to attract the people we really need into the profession. Like I say, just a hunch.