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Posts for World Down’s Syndrome Day 2018 #WDSD18

With the hashtag #wouldntchangeathing (see,  I can spell it right in a blog post) taking the internet by storm, I thought I’d put together a post for you with my favourite posts about life, and love, with Down’s syndrome in it. Sometimes I have managed to write something for the 21st March, sometimes not. They might not be the posts with the most hits, but they represent, for me, what I’ve been trying to articulate about life, love, education and Down’s syndrome. Some of them are old, some of them are newer. A fair few of them have an educational slant. Quite a few of them have nothing to do with having a baby, for the simple reason that I become very tired of the link between Down’s syndrome and termination. Life goes on; and it is good.

Enjoy – and I’d love to know which ones are your favourites.

In no particular order (and certainly not a top ten, because I couldn’t decide on just ten) they are:

I never thought it would be me

A cause for love

Down’s syndrome Awareness


Out of the Ordinary


The unknown mother

Hope for the Future

Giving up

The Down’s syndrome memo

In my own words : Sam tells us about the things that are important to him.

What not to say

And for TES : Children with Down’s syndrome are entitled to a mainstream edication – just like everyone else