#Team T21

#Team T21, a community of bloggers, linked by the common thread of Down’s syndrome in the family.  Each one of us unique, each one with a different take on life with Down’s syndrome, and how we can make it better, for our children and our wider families.

For passion, compassion, practical advice and a mission to educate health professionals, particularly midwives and the support they give to new mothers, go to Hayley at Downs Side Up.

For the view from the early days, visit Sarah at Don’t Be Sorry.  And don’t ever be sorry.

It’s All About Evie is Kirsty’s blog, and she’s not afraid to tell you how it is.  About lack of sleep, or politics.

Alison at Downright Joy is a blogger of immense power who isn’t afraid of tackling the deep and difficult questions.

Kerry, at Extra-Ordinary, is a woman after my own heart.

Paul, who writes Orange Juice Flavour Sky and Mardra, who writes about the lessons that are more special than the needs write about life a little further down the line, an invaluable source of experience for those of us like Alice from Life as Alice, with teens.

There’s more – like everyone with Down’s syndrome, those of us who write about it are a diverse group, a team.

Thanks for reading.  Thanks for sharing.  Thanks for helping us to change the world.

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